Adult Child

Many of us in Al-Anon grew up in families affected by alcoholism.  However, we do not always recognize the part this disease played in shaping us into the individuals we are today.  Not suspecting that the experiences we had as children affected us as adults, is it any wonder we are bewildered when we find that our lives today are unmanageable?

Through the honest sharings of Al-Anon members, who as children experienced the alcoholism of others, we come to see ourselves more clearly.  Despite the often severe hurt and abuse they endured, each individual held tightly to the hope so essential to recovery.  

We all have family history that includes embarrassing, even devastating events.  Fortunately, the experience, strength, and hope of our fellowship expressed on these pages can help each of us to explore our own roots and lead us to new heights of recovery. 

Preface From Survival to Recovery

Winnipeg is fortunate to have a Saturday meeting with an Adult Child focus.  However, being an Adult Child does not exclude you from other meetings.  We hope to see you soon.