Our suggested Al-Anon and Alateen closing states,”…though you may not like all of us, you will love us in a very special way–the same way we already love you.”  When I first came to Al Anon, I found this statement too incredible to believe.  If they really knew me, I thought, they wouldn’t say that.  How could anyone possibly like or love me?  I certainly didn’t.  Nevertheless, they kept on saying it at every meeting.  As I began to really respect these people, I wondered if they could be so far off in their opinion of me.  Maybe there was something lovable about me after all, although I didn’t know.  That’s when members of my group encouraged me to know myself better through Al Anon’s Fourth Step.  At first all I saw were my defects.  My fellow members encouraged me to seek out my assets as well.  They even went so far as to suggest that I embrace my defects and my assets and celebrate they as part of who I am.  They assured me that with the help of the Steps that follow, I could let my Higher Power decide which ones I needed to keep.  I heard many members say their group loved them until they loved themselves.  This was my experience as well.  The more my group showed love and respect for me, the more I was able to love myself.  Then I could begin to help love others into self-love.  What a wonderful way of passing it on. 

Thought for the Day

It is heartwarming to know I can lean on other members’ self love until I develop a measure of my own.