Often when we venture into service work, whether it be making the coffee, speaking or taking on the website, we can experience FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real.  This slogan, as well as the many others of the Al Anon program “serve as gentle and calming reminders that our circumstances might not be as impossible or as desperate as they first appear.” p 66 How Al Anon Works 

As the new web person, I used this acronym to describe the endless possibilities in this service work. 

F – I am so fortunate to be the new Web Cord for such a fantastic organization that has helped so many move forward. My goal is to focus the website as the foundation for our information. Let it be the face for welcoming the newcomer, a facilitator for sharing and furthering our outreach!
E – The web can enable with the input of our enthused membership. We can extend our hand and embrace all who choose to enter by pushing a button. Eventually, we can capture efficiencies through e-services.
A – I gratefully ask for your active support as I begin a new assignment. Articulate what you imagine it could be, let it address what you need, and allow me to be your faithful servant in achieving our collective goals. Webcord2018@gmail.com
R – Real cool ideas. Real efficiencies. Real information in Real time, real sharing in real time. Can you imagine? The collective wisdom of our members in one reachable place.
Most of all recognize the reality, we do better in supporting our members.

Slogans have a way of getting us through what may seem insurmountable at times.